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Online software, tailor made

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With more than 15 years of experience in software development Aurealis builds websites and online software completely to your specification, refined to highly technical feats:

Webapplications & cloud computing

Cloud: for websites, apps and software

Both our working method and choice for hosting is called cloud: your application available anywhere, anytime. Moreover, fast and scalable, so your application grows with you.

We keep the servers close by, so we can guarantee optimal support. Excellent partners, excellent results. That is what we believe in. Cloud ≠ foggy

Prefer off-cloud? We install your application wherever you wish, on your own server for example. Not our preference, but possible nonetheless.


Cloud should not mean accessible for everyone! We secure your application as if our most important secrets live there.

SSL, authentication, authorization, brute force protection,... Big words, but daily consideration. Always, for every application.

It won't bother you, that's a promise!.

Unless of course, that is what you are looking for!


OK, cloud. Well secured. That's good. But is it any usable?

We make sure it will: words like usability, performance tuning, wireframing, compatibility testing... They are all taken care of, to create an application just like you need it.

And just like you want it: extremely user friendly, fast in daily use, and yet very robust and well thought out. Because simplicity ... is really not the hallmark of the beginner.

Webapplications & webservices


Do you communicate with other people and companies? Of course you do!
Your application as well? It could!

We take care of connections to external software, a CRM for example. Using webservices (eg. REST & SOAP) where possible, more creative and crafty if really needed.

But always in consultation, because in order to communicate, you are never alone...


Nothing so far about project management or service?
Could be, we are just nerds :-)

But that does not mean we neglect it! Flexible, fast and to the point, that is what we live for.

Even after launching we keep monitoring the application, both from a technical point of viewas with the people using it. You. We remain available, for both monitoring, support and new features.

For who?

We can be your supplier, subcontractor or a freelancer? We did it all before!

We even worked as a co-founder, with full technical responsibility.

So don't let the form disrupt the content. The focus on an extraordinary end result always remains the same!

Technologies used

Usually we use these technologies, mixed in the best proportions, to get the very best software!