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With more than 15 years of experience in software development Aurealis builds websites and online software completely to your specification, refined to highly technical feats:

Why Aurealis?

Aurealis Creatief!

Aurealis Creatief

Aurealis Creatief is the freshly launched creative hub of Aurealis.

Aurealis Creatief grew from the design of websites, applications, logos, icons,... With Aurealis Creatief we aim to let this creativity flourish: sketching, illustrations, story telling, graphic designs for logos, brand identities, but also private printed matter, like (birth) announcements, business cards and many more.

Welcome for every creative project!

Aurealis will amaze you too!

Aurealis, as a merging of the words Aurora Borealis, or Northern lights

Just like the Northern Lights do

Did you know Aurealis is a merging of the words Aurora Borealis; better known as Northern Lights?

For every project we create we strive for the most beautiful appearance and the best user experience,
to amaze its users, just like the Northern Lights do!

Contact us today, en let Aurealis amaze you too!